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Who We Are

Helios Streaming Is an Intellectual Property Research and Licensing Service Company

Helios Streaming, LLC was founded in February 2018 and acquired various patents related to video streaming technology.

Helios Streaming's patented inventions and technologies are frequently used in leading products and services including video streaming servers, services and devices.  Helios has acquired and will continue to acquire intellectual property rights covering the necessary features and technologies utilized by the video streaming industry.

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What We Do

Helios Streaming offers patent portfolio licenses to the video streaming industry

Helios Streaming is actively acquiring patents and is also open to working with innovators who own patented technologies in the video streaming space. Any patent owner is welcome to join Helios Streaming's portfolio licensing program.

Helios offers a beneficial and transparent portfolio license to the industry including any future acquired patents.  As a result, a licensee will have the advantage of broader and comprehensive coverage for video streaming technologies in the future. 


Our Mission

Helios Streaming promotes innovation by protecting the rights of IP owners

Helios Streaming's goal is to promote innovation by offering transparent patent portfolio licenses to the video streaming industries. 

Helios Streaming's efforts are geared toward both IP owners and video streaming industry.  Helios strongly believes in the value and importance of patented innovations, and provides open and transparent access to the patent portfolio through its licensing efforts.

The mission
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